Krief Goes All Out on Automanic

krief-automanicFormer Dears lead guitarist (Patrick) Krief has released an ambitious new double album, Automanic. The first disc, which is Red, embodies fire, anger, boldness, and blood with music that is fittingly dense and hard hitting. The second, Blue, envelops water, sky, and dreamy calm. Its sound takes on a more subtle and reflective posture. Krief played most of the instruments on the album, and also handled its arrangements and production, having sharpened the latter skill since his childhood. He recalls spending $1,600 when he was 14, from a job stuffing thousands of envelopes, on a 16-channel mixer and eight-track reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Going from performing, as a member of The Dears, on The Late Show with David Letterman to carving out a solo niche for himself seems to have gone smoothly judging by the quality of the music on Automanic. Krief’s personal life has been a rough ride, however, as there have been a series of deaths of people in his sphere which inspired the album. The painful anguish of the first disc is answered by a more positive, even spiritual mood on the second. Throughout the double album, the tracks roll along dynamically, animated by fresh and creative ideas. Krief’s Automanic is alternative rock at its best. We have embedded a couple of lyric videos below which will give you a taste.  iTunes