Nikki Yanofsky Is Solid Gold

nikki-yanofsky-solid-goldMontreal’s Nikki Yanofsky was the first home-grown artist to officially top the Billboard Canadian Hot 100. She did so with “I Believe” in February 2010. She had just turned 16. Her album Nikki went platinum, and her followup, Little Secret, was produced by Quincy Jones. Nikki’s new EP, Solid Gold, was produced by Wyclef Jean and features music along a vintage R&B vein, a shift from the punchy brass jazz to a laid back cool groove. It has that sultry summery afternoon feel of sprinklers, Frisbees and Freezies, of bicycling around the block in suburbia eyeing a neighbour fixing his car with his transistor radio on.

Solid Gold has a warm glow feeling all about it, the best part of which is Nikki Yanofsky’s shimmering vocals. Worldwide release is set for October 28, an HMV hard copy release exclusive is upcoming, and a full length album is expected out in the spring of 2017. You can watch a Facebook live chat with Nikki talking about the EP here.  iTunes