Lisa LeBlanc: Runaway Queen’s Folk Trash Machine

lisa-leblanc-why-you-wanna-leavePlatinum New Brunswick recording artist Lisa LeBlanc is a leading figure behind the folk trash genre of music. In her amazing delivery, she is both all sass and all class. She’s the sort of gal who, upon being dumped by her lover, would stick it to him with the retort, “Could you please wait ’til I’ve had my coffee”. She offers advice regarding bad boyfriends in “Dump the Guy ASAP”, and admits having a 5748 km long-distance relationship was one of the worst ideas she ever had. Curt, witty lyrical lines come flying like a killer left hook. Musically, there’s a variety of raw blues rock, plucky wagon wheel country, and duelling banjo swamp grass folk. In Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen, one can feel the greasy pistons firing with a ferocity that has the musical crankshaft taking us on a blistering ride. Fasten your seatbelts and take the plunge into this mind-blowing album. We embed a couple of official audio tracks below which will give you a taste.  iTunes