Sum 41 Greeted by 13 Voices

sum-41-13-voicesAjax, Ontario punk band Sum 41 has released its 6th studio album, the first in five years. Sum 41 is one of the few Canadian acts that has done better, at least as far as singles go, in the United Kingdom than in the United States. In the latter country, its only Billboard Hot 100 charting song was “Fat Lip” which did not make the top 40 peaking at #66. In the UK however, the band has landed six Top 40 hits including a Top 10 entry where that same song peaked at #8 in 2001. At home, Sum 41 has a pair of both JUNO awards and multiplatinum albums.

While some bands who started out making punk music, popular during the noughties decade in Canada, have since then reinvented themselves into dance pop acts in keeping with the changed climate on the airwaves, Sum 41 sticks to its guns, through a number of lineup changes, continuing to make the kind of music for which it is best known. In recent interviews, lead singer Deryck Whibley has said that chart success is not the top priority of the band and what the group has always wanted to do is be able to play live in front of crowds; performance gives him the most satisfaction. The fact that new album 13 Voices debuted at #3 on iTunes, however, probably means that many will turn out to the band’s concerts during the group’s next tour. The new album, released under American label Hopeless Records, is just as good as any of the five previous works, and the most popular track is “War” the MV of which we have embedded below.  iTunes