Duchess Says New Sciences Are In


duchess-says-sciences-nouvellesWhile rumours are that NASA is looking into the Alcubierre warp drive concept that promises faster than light travel by bending space-time, Canadian post-punk group Duchess Says is looking at some new science of its own design. The third full-length album Sciences Nouvelles is everything a fan of the genre could ask for—choppy vocals from the bewitching Annie-Claude Deschênes, flywheel guitar riffs, burbling bass lines, industrial percussion, and chemistry lab synth concoctions. It keeps some abrasiveness and fast-tempo numbers akin to the band’s previous efforts while making the work more fluid and nuanced.

Although this is the first new record in five years, the band did delight us with à la carte project PyPy and album Pagan Day. Duchess Says also built its own recording studio, Mechanical Jammings, to grant more independence in the ongoing work. Sciences Nouvelles does moog rock-punk well, making Duchess Says’ international following unsurprising. The band will be embarking on a world tour with dates in Ontario, Quebec, the U.S., and multiple countries in Europe kicking off with a show in New York today. Check out the group’s website for more details. We have embedded the music video for track “I Repeat Myself” below.  iTunes