Louise Burns’ Young Mopes and Storms

louise-burns-young-mopesWitness if you will a dollhouse made out of twilight, haze, and shadow that stretch to infinity. The dollhouse has an occupant: Louise Burns. And this is her haunted residence with furniture possessed. Sharks with lifeless eyes, like a doll’s eyes, make their rounds within. Let it be known that Louise Burns is a Canadian recording artist, and, for the record, Young Mopes is to be released from solitary confinement February 3, 2017. Confinement, in this case, stretches as far as the eye can see, because this particular dollhouse lies in the midst of storms nine million kilometres from the Earth. Now witness, if you will, a person’s mind and spirit battling through the storms, an artist dying to create lone wolf rock and succeeding with unfailing efficacy.

“Storms” by Louise Burns off upcoming third solo LP Young Mopes.
Album Release Date: February 3, 2017.
Produced by Louise Burns, WCMA winner Colin Stewart, and Damian Taylor.
Label: Vancouver’s Light Organ Records.

“Burns has had a fascinating career, starting out in the band Lillix at 11. That group later signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records. Her two earlier solo albums 2011’s Mellow Drama and 2013’s Midnight Mass earned kudos, with the former earning a Polaris nomination.”—FYI Music News

Young Mopes Track listing:
1. “Who’s The Madman”
2. “Pharaoh”
3. “Storms”
4. “Moonlight Shadow”
5. “Hysteria”
6. “Dig”
7. “Strange Weather”
8. “Young Mopes”
9. “Downtown Lights” (Blue Nile Cover)