Holiday Confusion: Wonderland, Poppies, Starbucks, and Beyoncé

starbucks-2016-green-cupSarah McLachlan is the first established Canadian artist to release a Christmas album in 2016, and it’s a really beautiful one, Wonderland. Speaking of the holidays, despite much vocal disapproval, many businesses put up Christmas decorations immediately after Halloween, nearly two months before Santa’s arrival. Today we saw Christmas trees up in a Roots shop. This practice in part trivializes the holiday on November 11. In Sarah McLachlan’s home province of Nova Scotia, outrage was expressed over the demotion of the Remembrance Day ceremony from Sydney’s largest indoor venue to make room for a crafts show.

And then there’s the matter of the new Starbucks coffee cups. The Howard Schultz coffee chain was previously criticized for washing out any holiday references to yield a plain red cup. Today, it introduced a green cup which some speculate is meant for the Christmas season. Howard Schultz is not a believer in the religion, but he has managed to channel $2.9 billion into his own personal pockets, so he probably is not too concerned with winning any best or worst coffee cup design awards. Consumers ought to remember that when they give the Starbucks cashier their money, it is all going to Schultz and virtually none to the helpful barista. The extravagant lusts of the few outweigh the basic needs of the many. That’s the American way.

No worries, folks. All of this holiday confusion can be cleared up tonight when Beyoncé performs at the Country Music Awards. What? Yes, you read that right. Is she nominated for any awards? No. Do organizers feel that actual country music stars are not good enough to draw viewers? Probably. Are the Americans turning it into a racial thing? Yes. Are any Canadian country music artists nominated? No. Would the hashtag #CMAsSoAmerican be appropriate? Almost: Olivia Newton-John is presenting. Viewership for the annual awards show has been way down since 2012. Things are not expected to pick up this year, as the televised spectacle will be on the same time as Game 7 of the world series. Baseball, cold showers, or Beyoncé twerking on a country music stage? Yikes. Most Canadians would probably pick the second option.

As for us, tonight we’ll just pick up a copy of the new Sarah McLachlan album to listen to later and settle down with a Tim Hortons coffee sprinkled with cinnamon, don a poppy, and listen to Dean Brody.