The Familiar Touch of Diana

diana-familiar-touchToronto trio Diana may or may not have drawn inspiration from Paul Anka’s breakout hit but musically the path is paved with electronic intentions. Album number two has hit the shelves, Familiar Touch. The first effort attracted a Polaris nomination. Less scattered round two is a more cohesive effort and overall a better album. Exclaim mag rates it a 9/10. On the smoother and flatter versus richer and spicier electronic scale, the album sits in about the middle. Some tracks include lots of random beats which can be appreciated by some. The mood here is more subdued than perky and goes for the dream jugular at its close with “These Words” complete with fuzz guitar and the sombre glide of “Take It Over”. “What You Get” and “Moment of Silence” have the best chance of being accepted into the synthpop canon. We feel that Diana is at the top of its game when it strives for creativity without being too experimental. Track “Cry” is an example. Diana’s Familiar Touch is pure awesomeness.  iTunes