Selected New Releases 25 November 2016


The main question this week is … who was brave enough to release an album the same day as The Weeknd? Quite a few actually, both newcomers and legends.

Speaking of the latter, Montreal’s Jean-Pierre Ferland releases album Chansons jalouses. As the title suggests, this is a covers album of songs he wished he had written. The man is now in his 80s and still going strong.

Next, we have two rap albums both from Quebec based Franco artists Infrak‘s La chute de l’ange is filled with heavy beats and twirly keys while Disstrick11‘s Délit de fuite is more vocal heavy.

From Roberval, QC is 4-piece puck-handling garage rock band Les Dales Hawerchuk, and the album is Désavantage numérique for those who like their music cranked and adrenaline eliciting.

Beaubassin East, NB’s George Belliveau gives us an array of delightful bop-rock jingles on new album Drop l’aiguille.

For those who pine for old school jazzy, funky R&B, a treat for you is Pain & Bliss, the new LP from Montreal’s The Brooks.

Multiple JUNO award winner Daniel Bélanger is back with excellent album Paloma which is not surprisingly giving the Weeknd a run for his money on the charts. The album is one of expertly sculpted rock filled with details and flourish.

The Weeknd‘s Starboy, at the summit of the iTunes charts, is arguably his best yet. Though a collaboration with Lana Del Rey is wasted on a brief interlude track and “Secrets” gives up invention by sampling from Tears for Fears and borrowing from The Romantics, the Torontonian deserves credit for keeping good music going through this entire double album which is not easy to do.

Legendary classical / new age pianist André Gagnon knows how to capture the spirit of winter as he proves once again on instrumental work Les voix intérieures.

More piano music can be found on various artists’ album Doux moments pour Philou (not pictured above). The artists include Florence K, Coral Egan, and Stephan Moccio. This album completes a trilogy. The first two won Félix awards. Each artist is asked to contribute either an original piece or a cover and record it on piano. All proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to the Center Philou which helps families who have children with severe disabilities.  iTunes