Daniel Bélanger’s DIY Paloma Is a Hit

daniel-belanger-palomaTwo-time JUNO winner and multiplatinum Canadian recording artist Daniel Bélanger released his tenth album Paloma last week. It follows the Montrealer’s adventure into rockabilly territory with his last effort, 2013’s Chic de ville. The new album finds Bélanger at the helm of exquisite, heterogeneous rock. He penned all lyrics, wrote all songs, and played most of the instruments himself. As to be expected with any work from the master craftsman, Paloma’s expertly sculpted tunes are filled with captivating details and thrilling flourishes. Find an Ice Age’s skulk-folk, Losing it to Revolveresque meditation, a rousing Metamorphosis, instrumental Preaching, and other goodies in this nifty little disc.  iTunes