Twin Sisters Dani & Lizzy Create a Work of Heart


As far as twin sister duos go, Tegan and Sara are not the only members of the club. Vancouver duo Dani & Lizzy released debut album Work of Heart in September 2016, and it’s just fabulous. From highly reputable label 604 Records, the disc contains a mishmash of pop, R&B, soul, and hip hop. Every song was composed by Dani and Lizzy. Though twins, their tastes in music are not necessarily the same. Lizzy finds herself drawn more to pop, EDM, and singer-songwriter, while Dani enjoys the urban music field.

Work of Heart contains a fresh version the duo’s buzz single “Dancing in the Sky” (see MV below) which has garnered 1.8 million YouTube views to date. The song is a soulful vocal tribute to some close friends they lost over time. The album has much more to offer than such delicious sentimentality. Glittering electropop banger “Detox” opens up a can of cool that sees chuck and jive grooves as in “Do It Again” and instant pop crush waves as in “Dive In”. Dani & Lizzy’s Work of Heart is a super fun record that will have you all smiles.  iTunes