Gold/Platinum Certifications: November – Mid-December 2016


Ron Perlman may be a freaky-deaky Hellboy, but Toronto’s The Weeknd is the self-proclaimed Starboy. The album has just been certified gold by Music Canada, and its title-track is now a triple platinum single. It has spent the last 3 weeks perched at the very top of the Billboard Hot 100. Alessia Cara’s third major hit “Scars to Your Beautiful” is now at platinum. At the same mark is “Darlin'” by Johnny Reid from 2007. As we previously mentioned, Michael Bublé’s latest album Nobody but Me has made it to platinum. Dean Brody’s 2012 song “It’s Friday” and Tory Lanez’s 2016 track “Luv” are both platinum. Grammy nominated song “Never Be Like You” by Flume which features Canadian singer Kai has achieved double platinum prestige. Edmonton newcomer Ruth B is right up there with The Weeknd at triple platinum thanks to her hit single “Lost Boy”. Country superstar Jess Moskaluke of Saskatchewan is now upgraded as an artist from gold to platinum thanks to 2014’s “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes”. The late, great Leonard Cohen goes gold with his 2016 album You Want It Darker.

Find a recap of certifications from November through to mid-December 2016 below. Years in parentheses represent the release year of the works. Currently in Canada, gold represents 40,000 units, platinum 80,000, double platinum 160,000, triple platinum 240,000, etc.

“Starboy”, The Weeknd (2016), Triple Platinum Single
Starboy, The Weeknd (2016), Gold Album
“Scars to Your Beautiful”, Alessia Cara (2015), Platinum Single
“Darlin'”, Johnny Reid (2007), Platinum Single
Nobody but Me, Michael Bublé (2016), Platinum Album
“It’s Friday”, Dean Brody (2012), Platinum Single
“Luv”, Tory Lanez (2016), Platinum Single
“Never Be Like You”, featuring Kai (2016), Double Platinum Single
“Lost Boy”, Ruth B (2015), Triple Platinum Single
“Cheap Wine and Cigarettes”, Jess Moskaluke (2014), Platinum Single
You Want It Darker, Leonard Cohen (2016), Gold Album