The Pipe Dreams of Nelly Furtado

nelly furtado

Victoria, BC’s Nelly Furtado is gearing up for release of new album The Ride expected out March 3, 2017. Mainstream media was all abuzz this afternoon with the release of the MV for lead single “Pipe Dreams”. Nelly has been good at coming up with a fresh sound and style for each album she’s put out, whether said album was a blockbuster or not. Around the turn of the millennium, she burst out of nowhere with smash hit “I’m Like a Bird”, and her third album Loose sold quintuple platinum in Canada. She has won 10 JUNO awards to date. Furtado is also one of the few recording artists to have won a JUNO, a BRIT, and a Grammy. She is working with John Congleton on the new record, who is known for his labours with alternative acts like St. Vincent, David Byrne, and Modest Mouse. It will be interesting to see how the album sounds, but “Pipe Dreams” gives us a taste. Its music video goes for a vintage VHS look. And here it is…