All Canadian Artist Songs that Charted on the Hot 100 in 2016


We are pleased to provide a detailed list of all Canadian artist songs that debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2016. There are 106 of them from 43 unique Canadian artists. We included tracks by international artists that feature a Canadian in a major way. International artists appear in a grey box. Canadian artists who made the Hot 100 for the very first time have their names bolded in green; there are 14 of them. The Billboard Canadian Hot 100 charts debuted in June 2007. We have included the peak position achieved on the chart, the date of that chart peak (“PDATE”), the number of weeks spent on the chart, the start date (“SDATE”) when the song debuted and the end date (“EDATE”) when the song last appeared on the chart. The dates are from Nielsen which are normally 10 days behind the Billboard charts published online. Note too that many of these with the end date of December 27 will continue on the charts into 2017. Songs that debuted on the chart in 2015 and carried over into 2016 are not included here. Some of the 2016 songs may have dropped off and re-entered the chart, so the total weeks are not necessarily continuous weeks. We have screen-captured the data from Excel in five batches; click to enlarge the images so that the text is clearer.

The Billboard Hot 100 combines digital sales of tracks, radio airplay, and streaming data to give a comprehensive picture of how relatively popular the songs are for the week in which the chart was published. These Canadian artists and their songs were successful in large part because of your support. Let’s celebrate the songs and the artists that made the chart through the year! We hope you will all find the information below useful and encouraging.