Kiesza Leaves the House for Her Dearly Beloved

kiesza-dear-belovedCalgary’s Kiesza, best known for global smash “Hideaway” (double platinum in Canada), and recipient of 3 JUNO Awards including one for excellent album Sound of a Woman (Dance Recording of the Year), has released the first major-artist single of the new year. She has stepped away from her house music sound, inspired by early 90s acts like Robin S, into more of a 70s-funk vibe reminiscent of Nile Rodgers’ work with acts like Chic. It does sound fresh as well and if it becomes popular may very well set the tone for 2017. With Carly Rae Jepsen supposedly crafting a Saturday Night Fever inflected sound for her next album, a late-70s comeback may just happen. In any event, “Dearly Beloved”, released simultaneously with a music video (view it below), has the copper curled dynamo in an empty white space that echoes THX-1138 strumming a guitar in a baggy, iridescent outfit busting some moves. It is clean, stylish, and fun.