Canadian Albums Turning 30 in 2017

1987 was the year that witnessed the city of Frobisher Bay change its name to Iqaluit. Rick Hansen returned home to Vancouver after his Man in Motion world tour. The one dollar coin was introduced, often called the loonie. Quebec City was the first municipality in North America to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Edmonton had a summer tornado that killed 27 while Montreal had a flood. Hockey player Sidney Crosby and actress Ellen Page were born. Actor Lorne Greene and author Margaret Laurence passed away. Stock markets around the world fell after the USA’s dropped 22.6%. An underground fire at King’s Cross Tube Station in London, UK killed 31 people.

In entertainment, the first Final Fantasy video game came out. Three Men and a Baby was tops at the cinema followed by Fatal Attraction. Television viewers tuned into The Cosby Show and its spinoff A Different World. “La Bamba” by Los Lobos was the most popular song of the year.

Seven albums by Canadian artists in 1987 eventually struck multiplatinum. Debut album Outskirts by Blue Rodeo, helped by hit single “Try”, was the highest at quadruple platinum followed by Bryan Adams’ Into the Fire at triple platinum. As there were no JUNO Awards held in 1988, Robbie Robertson’s self-titled LP, his first as a soloist, had to wait two years to win the Album of the Year trophy. Other double platinum works besides Robbie’s were Céline Dion’s Incognito, Michel Rivard’s Un Trou Dans Les Nuages, Rita MacNeil’s Flying on Your Own, and The Tragically Hip’s debut, eponymous mini-album. It’s interesting that the musical style on most (not all) of these is not what we normally think of as “80s music”.