Austra’s Third Offering Looks at Future Politics

austra-future-politics-1484230134Austra is a JUNO nominated electronic pop project from Toronto, created by Katie Stelmanis in 2009 and includes three other players. Future Politics, released January 20, 2017, is album number three. The first LP, Feel It Break, was a new wave carnival ride, and the second Olympia was a theatrical groove show. The new album offers a tighter, punchier sound with addictive beats and instant likeability. Lyrically, the songs are smart in not offering specific political ideas in a world where a cacophony of entrenched opinions and opposing interests is flourishing fiercely, scattering humanity into different antagonistic camps.

Universal themes are touched upon, for example that both exploitation and mendicancy are undeserving of praise. Katie also re-introduces the subject of alienation by technology, certainly more true in today’s world with ubiquitous cell phone finger flicking. She does this, however, with a warmer presentation than grim visions presented by say Ultravox in “Dislocation”. As such, the album has more of a hopeful vision of the future and inspires us to be creative in conjuring up new and better systems of society than the worn-out models of today. And amidst the chaos and the hostile arguments, it reminds us too, via the cover, that you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Austra’s Future Politics offers a refreshing cleanse for wearied minds. We have embedded two music videos below: title-track “Future Politics” and “Utopia”.  iTunes