Gold/Platinum Certifications: Dec ’16 – Feb ’17


Vancouver twin sisters Dani & Lizzy score their very first gold record, thanks to the popular “Dancing in the Sky”. Reggae pop group MAGIC! continues to do well. Big hit “Lay You Down Easy” is now a platinum single in Canada. Coleman Hell’s “Fireproof” is now platinum. It follows the success of “2 Heads” which struck the triple platinum mark. The country artists come through as well. Gold now decorates Tebey’s “Wake Me Up” and Chad Brownlee’s “I Hate You for It”.

For albums, no stranger to selling them like hotcakes is Bryan Adams. His ICON compilation is now gold. Gord Downie, accustomed to diamond awards with the Tragically Hip, gets gold status as a soloist for his Secret Path. Sarah McLachlan goes gold with Christmas album Wonderland. The Weeknd’s Starboy album upgrades itself to platinum.

“Lay You Down Easy” by MAGIC!, Platinum Single
Bryan Adams ICON Compilation, Gold Album
“Dancing in the Sky” by Dani & Lizzy, Gold Single
“Fireproof” by Coleman Hell, Platinum Single
Starboy by The Weeknd, Platinum Album
“Wake Me Up” by Tebey, Gold Single
“I Hate You for It” by Chad Brownlee, Gold Single
Secret Path by Gord Downie, Gold Album
Wonderland by Sarah McLachlan, Gold Album