Teen Daze Serves Themes for Dying Earth

teen-daze-themes-for-dying-earthTeen Daze, i.e. B.C. Fraser Valley’s Jamison Isaak, recently served up his sixth LP, Themes for Dying Earth. The disc features contributions from Jon Anderson, Sean Carey, Nadia Hulett, Sound of Ceres, and Dustin Wong. It is a fine banquet of electronic ambient pop that explores themes of nature as a respite from the concrete forest, and the environment as something to be conserved. The album opens with “Cycle,” which begins an exploration of the artist’s personal experience dealing with anxiety and depression, and branches out to examine external forces, like climate change, that affect those moods. Another standout track, “Lost,” gently flutters in like a colourful butterfly before opening up droning vocal harmonies and bringing in Nadia Hulett’s twinkling serenade toward the close. Teen Daze’s Themes for Dying Earth expertly weaves a crystalline web of dream and euphoria. Fans of Seoul should enjoy this.  iTunes