Selected New Releases 24 Feb 2017 – Part 1/2


Cedric Vieno of Robertville, NB probably won’t win any awards for his Van Goghist album cover but concocts quite a good disc. L’autopsie d’un peureux consists of alternative rock and singer-songwriter tunes. The man flicks down a steady stream of nifty ideas from up his sleeve. Guelph’s Gregory Pepper who has christened his band as His Problems releases a dark indie rock album entitled Black Metal Demo Tape. It’s not as inaccessible as it sounds; in fact, the tunes are well crafted and catchy. A more recognizable name is Montreal’s The Franklin Electric doing a great job on new alternative pop album Blue Ceilings. Unlike other alt-pop groups, you will find things here a little more folky, reflective, and presented with more heart.

Waterloo, considered by some as Canada’s Silicon Valley, has spawned electronic trio Pick a Piper. The group dishes out nine fine spine-stimulating tracks on LP Distance. Light, non-repetitive percussion, vocals appropriate to the mood of each track, a variety of synth sounds, and smart composition make this one a winner. Now moving from the ethereal to the earthy. En panne de silence is a new world music album from Montreal-based Bon Débarras. In the group’s words, the album wafts with fragrances of the river, the wood, and the tundra in which modernity and tradition blend warmly.

Mobina Galore is a punk duo of Marcia and Jenna from Winnipeg. Feeling Disconnected is an album that will connect you with a caffeinated ride. Timid, the Brave is essentially Hamilton’s Tim Selles, a talented guy, as proven by the beautiful atmospheric alt-folk album Firesale. A little more alternative than The Franklin Electric is The Luyas, also of Montreal. The group dishes out solid disc Human Voicing, an excursion into a wonderland of savoury treats with sweet vocals and burbling musicianship.

This wraps up part 1 of 2 highlighting selected new Canadian artist releases this week.