Selected New Releases 24 Feb 2017 – Part 2/2


Beyries, a newcomer from Montreal, has been stirring up lots of buzz, and selling singles like hotcakes too! Her exquisite singer-songwriter/folk album Landing is out and currently sits at #3 on iTunes. From the same city comes Maritza. Creative juices flow on her sumptuous alternative album Libérons-nous. From the realm of rap via Quebec City, Shoddy with a band of collaborators, scratches his whiskered chin and presents MF2.

NAV navigates from Rexdale, ON with a self-titled rap album packed with expletives and autotune. Find The Weeknd featured on track “Some Way”. Polaris nominated Peter Peter is back with his latest synthpop opus Noir Eden. It is one of the best releases of the week which comes as no surprise, as the Quebec City native is as talented as they come. Another big seller is Twin Solitude from Montreal folk artist Leif Vollebekk. Those who like their music a little mournful with simpler arrangements should dig it.

Also stripped down musically, showcasing her Alessia Cara-ish vocals, enters Vancouver’s Desirée Dawson with pleasing album Wild Heart. If you can imagine R&B combined with folk/singer-songwriter, this is essentially what we have here. Garage rock lovers can check out EP Young Adult from Hamilton’s Billy Moon. Celebrated singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith will be releasing new album The Last Rider on April 21. New single “Radio” is out now.

This wraps up part 2/2 of our February 24, 2017 review of new Canadian artist releases.