The Luyas Impress with Human Voicing

Montreal indie alt-rock group The Luyas hit the scene in 2006 and saw a Polaris Prize nomination for third studio album Animator in 2013. The band is known for including some unusual instruments in its recordings. Human Voicing is album number four and follows 2016 EP Say You. The Luyas, currently signed to Paper Bag Records, are four members including lead singer Jessie Stein. After hearing quite a few mediocre releases in the genre, The Luyas’ Human Voicing impressed us to a great degree. Jessie’s vocals hit the spot, and the music is well-written and intelligent. Our ears remained engaged throughout most of the album. There’s a nice wall of sound, edgy without being too noisy, dynamic, and stimulating. We were hooked on track “Self-unemployed” right away, and the other tracks are not far behind in catchiness. An enjoyable listening experience from one of the world’s better indie bands.   iTunes