Natasha Zimbaro Drops Debut EP

From the city of Maple Ridge, which lies within Metro Vancouver, comes a country recording artist who recently dropped her debut EP, an eponymous one. The six-track disc follows the release of single “Rebound” last October. Her name is Natasha Zimbaro, and if her name or face seems familiar, that may be because she was a finalist in Simon Cowell’s X Factor UK in 2011. Moreover, she was one of three in pop group Prty H3ro who placed two singles in the Billboard Hot 100, “Life of the Party” and “Young & Shameless”. As a soloist, Natasha has decided to return to her country roots, the genre she embraced when she became a teenager.

Before we tell you how much we love this treat of an EP, let us state that the country music scene needs Natasha Zimbaro. One of the reasons for Shania Twain’s success was that she made the genre accessible to a broader audience by toning down the twang and making it fun-loving. She gave it some oomph (for lack of a better word). Natasha does that in spades. She has a fresh, youthful style and injects a wallop of energy into the genre. Picture Back to the Future III’s Doc Brown tossing some Presto logs into the locomotive boiler. That’s what Natasha does here. She elevates country music to a dynamic realm. She has a great voice and the music is fab. Hoping the very best for this brightest of shining stars.  iTunes