Selected New Releases: March 24, 2017, Batch 1/2

There are enough Canadian releases this week to separate things into two batches. We’re going to take a look at 9 in each. In this first part, we have three JUNO nominated artists, one of which is platinum.

Vancouver blues-rock duo The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer leave the chapstick in the chapel to smear on some Apolcalipstick. As one would expect, the JUNO-nominated act expertly delivers tunes that make classic grooves relevant. Hamilton’s Brielle Goheen, under project name Calcedon, does Echo In a new album. It is a great effort of electronic art pop, half the album with her beautiful vocals, the 2nd half instrumental versions. A specialist of the kingdom of quirk, Kingston’s Devon Sproule releases alternative album The Gold String. Those eager for something a little different should dig it.

The next of our JUNO nominees, and 3 have come his way, is gifted Montreal vocalist Nicola Ciccone. He’s a platinum recording artist and treats us to an adult contemporary album of covers called Les immortelles. It was unsurprisingly a Top 10 iTunes album upon release. Nicely done. From Drummondville, country artist Pascal Allard confesses, alas, Je voulais marier Renée Martel. She’s from the same city too. Vancouver’s I M U R is a trio, and album Little Death does a noble job at electronic R&B.

Also from Vancouver, Jesse Waldman creates a beautiful singer-songwriter album of the folky persuasion entitled Mansion Full of Ghosts. Piano enthusiasts can check out Jeannot Bournival‘s Musique mécanique. Find classical choir music on the gorgeous album Orlando di Lasso: Laudate Dominum from 3-time JUNO nominee Studio De Musique Ancienne De Montreal & Andrew McAnerney. Yes, you know it’s a classical album when the album title and artist are lengthy.

That wraps up Batch 1. Stay tuned for Batch 2.