With Pleasure, Feist Gets Feisty

Albertan recording artist Feist has placed four songs on the Billboard Hot 100, the most successful of which was “1234” a song that reached #3 and enjoyed international success as well: #8 in both Britain and the States. It propelled her album The Reminder to double platinum status. Feist has won 10 JUNO awards with success beginning prior to launch of the Hot 100 in 2007 especially surrounding her 2004 album Let It Die. Three consecutive albums – Let It Die, The Reminder, and Metals – have won album JUNOs: the first Alternative Album of the Year, the second Pop Album of the Year plus Album of the Year, and the third Adult Alternative Album of the Year.

Feist has a new album coming out, no doubt to the glee of her fans; some 145,000 are following her on Twitter. The album is called Pleasure and will be out April 28. It has been six years since her last, so to regain some attention, she popped up on the JUNO stage this year in a decent, heartfelt tribute to Leonard Cohen. Yesterday, Feist launched the vision-bending MV of the album’s title-track which some find creepy, some dreamy, but because it is Feist, we shall call it … feisty.  iTunes