2017 Easter Releases

Babins is a jazzy alternative group with members from Saint-Hippolyte and Saint-Jérôme Quebec. The band’s self-titled album, pinecone and all, funks its way into shops. This one’s a delight.

Charles-Antoine Gosselin of Sherbrooke is quite a talented folk artist. Fans of the genre can check out his beautiful new disc Bleu soleil.

Nominated for the New Group of the Year JUNO in 2011, punky alt-rock band Hollerado of Ottawa talks about being Born Yesterday on the its new LP.

Montreal’s CO/NTRY is a synthwave duo, and album Cell Phone 1 comes fully charged with delectable tracks.

For his second project, Montreal jazz saxophonist, composer and arranger Benjamin Deschamps invited trombonist Jean-Nicolas Trottier to join his usual quartet of players: Charles Trudel, piano; Sébastien Pellerin, double bass; and Alain Bourgeois, drums. The quintet’s beautiful instrumental jazz album Demi-nuit greets us this week. (Not pictured above).

Diamond jangle pop group Barenaked Ladies joins New York’s The Persuasions on album Ladies and Gentlemen with the latest penned batch of smile-inducing lyrics.

Vancouver punk group Isotopes contributes disc 1994 World Series Champions for those who like music that moves as fast as baseballs being knocked out of the park.

Toronto’s Graham Ko gets the indie rock rolling, at times folky and at others funky, on Outside Looking In. (Not pictured above).

Lakefield, ON’s Luke Nicholson popifies the folk with catchy tunes on album Shape and Sound. From the sounds of it, Luke is as talented as they come.

Vincent Boucher is a classical organist. He interprets the compositions of French composer Charles Tournemire on Tournemire: Mariae Virginis. This one’s gorgeous especially for those who love organ music.

There’s no shortage of rap these days. Montreal’s MC June explores the Vérités on his fresh LP. His voice is much easier on the ears than your usual MCs.

In lieu of the fifth season of La Voix (The Voice), a various artists’ album featuring the contestants and coaches has appeared. It is bilingual, and the players cover all sorts of big numbers including Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” Bryan Adams’ “Somebody,” and Stromae’s “Papaoutai”. The album currently sits in the iTunes Top 10. (Pictured below).