Latest Batch of Gold/Platinum Certifications

Did your favourite artist score a gold or platinum single or album? Find below 10 recent certifications from Music Canada.

The big news concerning the batch involves Coleman Hell whose “2 Heads” attains the sky-scraping platform of quadruple platinum. There are only 15 other tracks from Canadian artists in the history of the awards program (since 1975) that have made the cut.

Three albums have gone gold: Soul singer Bobby Bazini‘s Summer Is Gone (released 2016), folk-rock group Les Cowboys FringantsOctobre (2015), and pop band Marianas Trench‘s Astoria (2015).

Singles certified gold include Arkells‘ “Leather Jacket”. This is the Hamilton band’s first certified work. Serena Ryder‘s recent single “Got Your Number” achieves the gold standard. “Who Do You Love” by the aforementioned Marianas Trench is now a gilded disc. Alternative rock band July Talk receives its first certified work as well, as single “Guns + Ammunition” receives a golden bullet. “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed” from Simple Plan makes the golden grade. And finally Karl Wolf, no stranger to precious metal awards, gets his latest, as “Amateur at Love” goes gold.

Amateur at Love, Karl Wolf gold single
I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed, Simple Plan, gold single
Guns + Ammunition, July Talk, gold single
Astoria, Marianas Trench, gold album
2 Heads Coleman Hell, 4x platinum single
Who Do You Love, Marianas Trench, gold single
Octobre, Les Cowboys Fringants, gold album
Got Your Number, Serena Ryder, gold single
Leather Jacket, Arkells, gold single
Summer Is Gone, Bobby Bazini, gold album