LIGHTS’ 4th Album Roll Out to Involve Comic Books

Grade 7. The teacher explains that the Earth’s crust is so thin compared to the rest of the globe, it’s like the skin on the top of hot chocolate. One student interjects, “What’s hot chocolate got to do with this?” and then busts out laughing. Fast forwarding to 2017, gold recording artist and multiple JUNO winner, LIGHTS, presents a new project: Skin & Earth. She is creating a comic book series. The first issue is due out in July with six issues in total. At the center of it is character En, a reincarnation, as LIGHTS says, of herself “in another dimension”. The synthpop specialist will be releasing music in conjunction with each issue which will lead up to the album drop, her fourth studio work. Lyrics of the songs will be connected to dialogue in the comics. The magazines will be available from local comic shops or you can order them from LIGHTS’ website. We have embedded the promo clip below.