Selected New Releases April 21, 2017

As we’ve reported, Toronto’s Fiver releases her roots album Audible Songs from Rockwood telling stories of women who were locked up in the Kingston asylum in the 19th century.

Edmonton country ace Alee is proud to offer her debut album Bad Habit with a fresh, uptempo sound that will shake the dust off the wagon wheels.

Montreal duo Elsiane gurgles the creative juices on electronic album Death of the Artist. It’s not as dark as it seems; there is a clean tranquility though the journey.

Quebec City pop group Final State presents its eponymous album, a choice bilingual effort. Jam packed with good tunes, this one’s a winner.

Three-time JUNO winner and platinum children’s entertainer Fred Penner of Winnipeg launches Hear the Music with a number of album guests including Ron Sexmith and Basia Bulat.

Speaking of Ron Sexsmith, the St. Catharines native is back with his latest effort The Last Rider which is, as one would expect, a boss singer-songwriter disc. Ron has won three JUNO awards to date.

Saskatoon has an impressive alternative group called Close Talker. Album Lens, which follows the very well received Flux from 2014, furthers the band’s mastery of the genre.

For those who love instrumental classical piano, Canada’s own Julien LeBlanc hammers up some Mélancolies with his gorgeous interpretations of pieces mainly by the late French composer Francis Poulenc.

Vancouver’s Matt and Sam’s Brother is actually the alias of JPNSGRLS’ lead vocalist Charlie Kerr. His solo album is My Brain Hurts a Lot, an indie rock extravaganza.

Multiplatinum JUNO nominee Maxime Landry contributes the fabulous Nos histoires to this week’s pool of music. Dressed with his handsome vocals, the exquisitely penned songs were inspired by real life stories of people he’s met. Plus … Lynda Lemay is featured on a track!

The Riddle appears from Montreal based duo Coco Méliès. Don’t let the fancy name fool you; this is an Anglo album. The folky singer-songwriter affair kept us engaged throughout with a hearty performance of nicely written tracks.

Stewart Legere‘s album cover may or may not have been inspired by … TRST. The Halifaxer’s debut solo album Quiet the Station is another splendid singer-songwriter work. Stewart has served as vocalist for orchestral pop outfit The Heavy Blinkers.

A number of EPs come out this week. Selling like hotcakes (into the iTunes Top 10) is Game On by Woodville, Ontario’s James Barker Band. The country act is fresh off a Canadian Radio Music Award win, and the EP is fabulous. Nova Scotian rocker Matt Mays reminisces over Once Upon a Hell of a Time. Last but not least, Quebec’s Sergio Ouellet releases upbeat folk EP Quand je serai un homme for some knee-slappin’ tunes.