The Coriolis Project Presents EP Biocentric

And now for a little atmosphere, we zero in on Abbotsford, BC where The Coriolis Project casts forth brand new EP Biocentric. Founded in 2015, the intelligent trio, consisting of Vince Mulville, Tyson Moffat and Brandt Fradette, presents delicious ambient experimental electronica. Biocentric follows EP Heliocentric which we named as one of the 10 best extended play records of 2016. Listening to Biocentric, we found ourselves taking a journey through a landscape of various moods. The tracks are inquisitive, spooky, dreamy, ominous, and crushing. This is not the sort of ambient album that will put you to sleep, it is filled with drive and energy and provides a great escape into a new world you will love to explore. The Coriolis Project explains the concept behind Biocentric as follows.

The story in based during medieval times, focussing on the life of a young boy growing up and the confusion revolving around religion during this period. The EP highlights the struggle he goes through with the light/dark side of religion. The EP ends with “Tet Rah”, leaving an open door to interpretation as to what direction the boy follows.

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