Falling with Cat Thomson

Vancouver based singer-songwriter Cat Thomson returns to dress with her rich vocals new dramatic adult contemporary pop ballad “Falling”. Now a fully independent artist, Cat has honed her skills from a dynamic background of classical piano training, choir participation, and voice lessons. She majored in opera at Louisiana State University from a full scholarship and tacked on production and music engineering instruction at a local school in Vancouver. This has elevated her to the level of writing, recording, and producing her own music. She’s a little bit of Annie Lennox, a dash of Sarah Brightman, a slice of Sarah McLachlan, and a whole lot of Cat Thomson.

Cat penned song “Falling” following a darkly beautiful past relationship where she found herself falling in and out of love at the same time. Trying to cling onto the elements of goodness, she ultimately succumbed to the realization that it was not going to work out. The music video plays on this concept and was inspired in part by the film Groundhog Day in which the protagonist continually awakens to the same day on repeat with the opportunity to change a cause in order to alter the effect. The MV plays forwards and backwards, as in the love game the perception of time is often bent. Cat herself opted not to star in the video feeling it would “hit home too hard”. Instead, she enlisted the assistance of two local actors, Amelia Morris and Darcy Stobbe. The video was shot in one day and is directed by Matthew Popp. Have a look below. “Falling” seethes with raw emotion, as time warps, heartbeats crackle, and reality folds into a beacon of glory.  iTunes