CMB Reviews Philippe B’s La grande nuit vidéo

Everybody enjoys a big video night. JUNO nominee and collaborator of such aces as Pierre Lapointe, Groenland, and Salomé Leclerc, Philippe B dazzles on fifth album, La grande nuit vidéo. With a meticulous attention to detail and a knack for penning masterful tunes with immaculate arrangements, Philippe is the sort of fellow who makes music critics drool copiously. The new album is as good as, if not better than one would expect from the Montrealer. Unsurprisingly, the disc has topped the musique francophone charts at iTunes.

The champion of folk, singer-songwriter Philippe B, who also serves as musical director for Les Sœurs Boulay, explores the bygone age when couples would spend the night together before cathode-ray screens watching television series, movies, and everything presented by the intelligent box of communication. The nostalgia abounds with orchestral arrangements and is augmented by the sweet guest vocals of Milk & Bone’s Laurence Lafond-Beaulne. If you want a work of art, this is it. Official audio for opener “Explosion” embedded below.  iTunes