CMB Reviews Scott Helman’s Hôtel de Ville

Young platinum recording artist and two-time JUNO nominee, Scott Helman follows up his popular mini album Augusta with full-fledged full-length disc, Hôtel de Ville. With very slick production from the highly competent Tawgs Salter (Lights, Walk Off the Earth), Scott manages to churn out a delightful pop album with trickles of influence by such notables as Paul Simon and Bon Iver. The album follows the launch of singles “21 Days” and “Kinda Complicated”. Scott’s sweet and salty vocals guide Kites through a Ripple Effect of pleasing ditties like “Origami”, clapping anthems such as “You Made Her”, and driving pleasers like “Gaslight”. He makes the songwriting seem ever so easy and is as talented as they come. Check in to the Hôtel de Ville today!

Slab City, located in the Sonoran Desert of the California Badlands in the United States, is a locale often used by both recreational vehicle owners and squatters from around the land. It took its name from left-over concrete slabs from deserted World War II Marine Corps barracks of Camp Dunlap. Slab City provides the scene for Helman’s “Kinda Complicated” MV (embedded below) which was directed by Call Me Maybe’s Ben Knechtel.  iTunes