CMB Reviews Shawn Jobin’s Éléphant

We have Shawn Desman, Shawn Mendes, Shawn Hook, and now a fourth to bear the given name. What could be cooler than a Franco rapper from Saskatchewan addressing elephants, the worldwide web, and double-O zero? Shawn Jobin was born in the province of Quebec but moved to the flatlands of wheat and canola during his teenage years. Thus, we get to use a choice Canadianism: Fransaskois. With his texts denouncing injustices and expressing his concerns, Shawn has left his mark in the Canadian hip-hop landscape for some years. His sought-after style, complete with electrifying tones delivered in a flow of precision, propelled him to the semifinals of the Francouvertes this year. Album Éléphant (released May 12, 2017) is the fruit of his labours, and is now available for consumption.  iTunes