CMB Reviews Valérie Lahaie’s Étoile anonyme

Hailing from the quaint, very southern Quebec municipality of Lacolle, Valérie Lahaie charmed audiences as a participant in second season of The Voice. She released her very popular debut album Vertige in 2015. Val is back with a beautiful adult contemporary album entitled Étoile anonyme (Anonymous Star). It’s a change of pace, a shift away from the more rock-tinged former work into softer climes. The album opens sweetly with “Le premier”, a track of graceful piano and Val’s velvety but sturdy vocals, then presents the upbeat, spirited, and bluesy “J’y vais” (see MV below), bursting an opening to the highway of freedom on the agile “Tu n’as rien dit”. Hear some delicious piano accompanied beats on “On dit qu’on l’a pas dit”. She slows things down for musing on the pensive “Laisser tomber” and caps things off with subtle funk on “C’est fini”. If Valérie Lahaie were an anonymous star, she’d still be one of the brightest in the skies.  iTunes