Boogie Patrol Witnesses a Man on Fire

Edmonton blues group Boogie Patrol releases its first album in six years following a couple of lineup changes and a live album last year. The band’s core three, Dan Shinnan (vocals), Yuji Ihara (guitars), and Nigel Gale (bass) have been playing together for about a decade. Joining them on the disc are drummer Emmet VanEtten and guitarist Chad Holtzman. Shinnan says the players wanted to spice things up for the new album and present a fuller sound. A horn section was brought in to add a dash of late 60s – early 70s soul. Man on Fire was recorded in Winnipeg and produced by Murray Pulver (Crash Test Dummies and Doc Walker). The album is first rate for those who enjoy blues music. Below we embed a live version of opening track “Players Blues” that shows the band in action.  iTunes