Canada’s Queen of Pop Just Dropped the Song of the Summer

Released last night, this morning a brand new song entered the iTunes Top 100. This afternoon it vaults itself up to #41. Remarkably, it is doing even better in The United States at #25! Canada’s Queen of Pop, recently taking in the sights in Italy, just dropped a pop tour de force destined to become the song of the summer. It will be featured in the soundtrack of the movie Leap. What is it? Well, let’s cut to the chase, or shall we say let’s cut to … the feeling? … oh yeah. Three-time JUNO award winner and multiplatinum superstar Carly Rae Jepsen rips through some recent disappointments from other artists (we won’t mention any names) with a pop banger that is smoking hot pure fire, her new track “Cut to the Feeling”. The song contains a chorus so bombastic, it brushes the sky. Is it as good as everyone is saying? Of course. Carly co-wrote the track with “Sir” Nolan Lambroza and Ottawa’s Simon Wilcox.  iTunes