Gears Perfectly Aligned on Nickelback’s Feed the Machine

Hanna, Alberta’s post-grunge group Nickelback, recipient of 12 JUNO Awards, releases its ninth studio album Feed the Machine. The current lineup is lead singer Chad Kroeger; guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist Ryan Peake; bassist Mike Kroeger; and drummer Daniel Adair. Nickelback wrote or co-wrote all tracks and co-produced the disc with Chris Baseford. Despite the airwaves being heavily dominated by urbanized EDM these days, the band continues to sell records in impressive numbers. All studio albums to date have achieved gold/platinum certification. Nickelback’s third album Silver Side Up is the group’s best-seller at 8x platinum representing 800,000 units in Canada. Worldwide record sales for the band are estimated at over 50 million.

The price of success for a Canadian act is often defamation from foreign entertainment journalists in larger markets which stems from a mixture of profiteering and xenophobia. In a recent interview with Brooks, Alberta’s Anne-Marie Mediwake, who asked what the band did to turn the negativity around, Chad Kroeger stated:

“Nothing. Didn’t do anything. Just kept doing what we were doing. It had zero relevance on our lives. Half the time I think it’s a good thing because I look at all the other bands that were coming out at the same time that we were coming out, and almost all of them are gone.

“Our manager said something to me recently. He was speaking with somebody in Nashville, and he was talking to someone who worked at a record company for some big artist, and he looked at my manager, and he said, ‘Brian, how much do you guys pay for all that?’ and he’s like, ‘We don’t.’ He’s like, ‘You’re kidding me! You guys just get all that press for free?’ And my manager looks at him, and he goes, ‘Ya, I don’t know if your artists want it quite the way we get it but uh,’ and he’s like, ‘Who cares, you’re in the press all the time.’ And we constantly just turn the other cheek, and we just keep doing what we’re doing, we keep making music, we keep touring.”

On album Feed the Machine, Nickelback has never sounded better. Slickly produced, well-written tracks see the band ripping and roaring like there’s no tomorrow. Not representative of the album’s overall sound is fine power ballad “Song on Fire” which was recently garbed with a music video. We embed it below. iTunes