First Move into Glanmore by Stacey

Our story begins with wealthy banker J.P.C. Phillips who in 1882-1883 had a mansion built in Belleville, Ontario, birthplace of Avril Lavigne. Not only was the place large, but it was intricately decorated with hand-painted ceilings and ornate woodwork. In 1969 it was, for its exceptional architecture, designated a National Historic Site and opened as a museum in 1973. Extensive restoration has been done, and the mansion is home to a large collection of antique furniture, paintings, and ceramics.

Glanmore is the site where Toronto recording artist Stacey filmed the music video for her song “First Move” which she describes as a lamenting fantasy. It is a slow-burning piano rock piece dripping with sonic textures, a genre of music mastered by the Brits, and handled by her with great prowess. What makes it even more attractive is the crystal clear vocal delivery which for us conjured up some goosebumps. Stacey has a new EP coming out in the fall. “First Move” has generated an impressive 100k streams at Spotify.  iTunes