New Releases, July 7, 2017

Fevers is an alternative group from Ottawa. Album Apologia is essentially electronic with the music swinging between more mainstream pop and alt pop. Dance beats make some appearances at times. This is an impressive album.

Quake Matthews is a talented rapper from Halifax. Find a number of ace guests on album Celebrate the Struggle including JRDN and Ria Mae.

Female rappers are less abundant but there are a few, and one of the best ones at the game is OneNessa. She is based in Montreal. Album Coming Through is for those who love lots and lots of sumptuous bass.

Seasoned country singer Julie Daraîche is the sister of Paul. The Daraîche family is one of the most successful in the country at selling records. Her new one is entitled 50 ans d’amour.

Broken Social Scene‘s Hug of Thunder is the most successful Canadian album released this week, and it deserves to be. The alternative atmosphere it presents is thick enough to be cut by a knife. The large ensemble of players hails from Toronto.

Enthusiasts of alternative music on the quirky side will find much to grin about on Life After Wartime from Toronto’s The Nursery.

Country player Keven Landry has managed to top the iTunes Musique francophone chart with album 94 and its superb musicianship. He’s from Havre-Saint-Pierre, QC.

Hamilton alternative duo Whitehorse submits Panther in the Dollhouse. It’s an album for nighthawks taking a road trip to the Manitoban death star.

Whitehorse may not actually be from the north, but Quantum Tangle is indeed. On album Shelter As We Go…, the Yellowknife duo combines Inuit storytelling, throat singing, and Métis roots and blues.

A couple of EPs to check out are alternative disc Little Fire from Saskatoon’s Too Soon Monsoon and Summer Time Come from Vancouver blues group Ian Campbell Band.