New Wave Handled Nicely at Midnight for a While by Walkwaves

Markham, Ontario group Walkwaves is pleased to introduce its new album Midnight for a While. The band goes beyond the popular pool of smooth synth pop into the rougher seas of new wave and succeeds. At times funky, at others gritty, but always with catchy beats and expressive vocals, Walwaves strikes us as a more organic Depeche Mode. Opener “Get You Out” burbles along carefully before switching on some rumbling bass pulses; it’s a delicious track. The catchy “Girls on Snapchat” (see MV below) combines vocal crooning with detailed instrumentation.

While modern electronic musicians seem to perpetually use the same few synth/computer voices when there are thousands available, you’ll find a nice variety through the Walkwaves disc; find many on track “T.T.T.L.”. For something different, check out the atmospheric “Friend” one of the more experimental tracks which satisfies by throwing in unexpected musical twists. Closer “Nightfall” packs a nice punch to cap things off with a bang.  iTunes