Mappe Of Taps A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone

Whitby, Ontario’s Tom Meikle, through Paper Bag Records, presents his debut album A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone under moniker Mappe Of. Lyrically, he populates the disc with an interesting gang of characters: a disturbed boy setting fire to his family’s home, a vagabond in Australia who’s disavowed all family ties, a Canadian youth figuring life out overseas, and an elder dying from Alzheimer’s who can’t recognize his family.

Musically, the album is a dreamy, meta-dimensional sequence of alternative folk masterpieces. Mappe Of blends synthesizers with organic instruments including guitars (both acoustic and electric), trumpets, violins, kalimba, and autoharp. Tom says, “I’d like the music to be grounded in reality while simultaneously feel like it’s from somewhere else … I want to create a setting in which you can lose yourself. The ideal record for me is one where you can lie back on your bed, listen to the thing front to back and be taken somewhere.” Where you allow this album to take you is entirely up to you; it’s filled with sonic magic.  iTunes