Victoria Duffield Discloses Why She Hasn’t Released New Music

One of the finest, brightest young stars to sweep the nation over the past few years, Victoria Duffield, hasn’t released new music since 2014. Her two albums spawned a number of hits including platinum certified “Shut Up and Dance”. As a teen triple threat – singer, actress, and dancer (and oh what a dancer!) – Victoria was an immense inspiration across the nation picking up fans of all ages. She collaborated with Cody Simpson and toured with The Backstreet Boys. But something happened. Victoria who has been sharing her story in bits and pieces on her social networking sites opened up today in a post we quote below. Warning: For those of you who love Victoria and her music, this is not an easy read.

“As you’ve read, I’ve been giving you highlights (and lowlights) of my past years getting to do what I love. I am so thankful for the amazing years I had and getting to meet and perform for my fans across the country. Following my tour with the Backstreet Boys, I had hurt myself vocally. I had to get vocal cord surgery. This was a scary time. As a singer, you never know with vocal surgery if you’re going to be okay after. Singing is what I love and was terrified of losing it. Thankfully I was able to work with some incredible doctors in Los Angeles who helped me get back to full strength. My voice was back and it was time to work on the next release.

“Now let’s fast forward 2.5 years of writing and writing and writing….
Year: 2017
Month: May
Feeling: At A Complete Loss
Title: Now What

“After flying to multiple countries and writing tons of songs, I had plans lined up with a new team for a new song release. We were ready to go and I had booked a final photo shoot in Toronto to complete the project. Just before I was supposed to leave, in a matter of one phone call, that new team quit and the release plan was canceled. Everything I was depending on, planning, and preparing for vanished in seconds. I hung up the phone. I just sat on the couch and cried. For the first time, I Googled for other job options. I typed in ‘what do I do with my life?’. No matter what I looked up, nothing felt right. There was no go-to Plan B that I was okay with. Music is my everything but I wasn’t finding a way to make it work. How could I keep the dream alive? I’ve never felt so lost.”

For sure this is heartbreaking news for all Victoria Duffield fans and it certainly is for us. While her first two albums were released under Warner Music, the label no longer lists her as one of their artists.

We cherish the hope that new doors will open and she will continue her career as a recording artist.

Update: Victoria Duffield bounces back!