MacKenzie Porter is All About You in the Drive Thru

When it comes to country music, MacKenzie Porter is the real deal. Raised on a cattle ranch in small town Alberta, she championed the musical realms of voice, piano, and of course fiddle releasing her first solo single “I Wish I’d Known” in 2012. This came after years of acting, a second career stream that kicked off in 2007 with children’s show Dinosapien. Porter’s second single “Never Gonna Let You” placed her on the Billboard Hot 100 and remains her biggest hit at country radio peaking at #11. She released her debut, self-titled album in 2014 which included her popular song “If You Ask Me To”. The LP was nominated for a JUNO award. The last time we heard new music from Porter was in 2015 with her radio hit “Rodeo”.

Part of the reason for her absence from the music scene is that in 2016 she landed a leading role in Netflix-Showcase sci-fi television series Travelers. Now on a break from the show, she is working feverishly on a new disc to be out in 2019 and has dropped two new songs, “About You” and “Drive Thru”.

In case you were wondering, MacKenzie is the younger sister of Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter.

Of the new music, she says, “I moved to Nashville and have been writing every single day for two and a half years when I’m not filming my show and it just took me some time to develop the kind of new music I want to put out.”

The exquisite new tracks continue Porter’s preference for letting songs grow from a personal place, as she believes telling one’s own story makes music more relatable. “Chances are if I’ve gone through it [others] have gone through it,” she states. “About You” revolves around the theme of ruining a relationship and not getting a second chance, while “Drive Thru” has her not allowing another to set his own terms on a relationship.

Enjoy the official lyric videos below.