Early Feb 2019 Releases: Lara Fabian Said the Whale

The past two weeks have seen some superb releases. Discs from JUNO winners are EP mau5ville: Level 3 from EDM master deadmau5 and Cascadia from squelch rock group Said the Whale. For the JUNO nominees we have pop album Papillon from Lara Fabian and chillout jazz album Montreal from Elizabeth Shepherd. We liked Pourchasser l’aube from Caroline Savoie, Premiere apparition from Laurence-Anne (both alternative works), Jim Brenan 11’s 50/50 (instrumental jazz), surprisingly good synthpop disc Restless from Radiant Baby, and EP When Lightning Strikes from Ottawa’s Grace Lachance. Below are two batches, one for February 1st releases and the second for February 8th.

February 1 Releases:

Pourchasser l’aube Caroline Savoie Alternative
Caviar Jacobus Rap
In Scenery Lost Cousins Alternative
In Line for a Smile Ryan McMahon S-S/Folk
Dead Melodies Jon Samuel Rock
Better Days Len Mizzoni Pop
Getaway Abigail Lapell S-S/Folk
The Wilder Beyond Hillsburn  Rock
Overrun Only Yours Alternative
Surreal Memories Prieur&Landry  Rock
Histoire naturelle Jonathan Personne  Rock
mau5ville: Level 3 (EP) deadmau5 (JW) Dance
23+ (EP) Nate Husser Rap
No Water, No Flowers: Part 1 (EP) Genevieve Racette S-S/Folk
The Know-How (EP) The Matchstick Skeletons Rock
Supernatural Mystics (EP) Wizaard Alternative
AMOS (EP) Kirouac et Kodakludo  Rap

February 8 Releases:

Premiere apparition Laurence-Anne Alternative
C’est la fin du monde… Lou-Adriane Cassidy Alternative
Papillon Lara Fabian (JN) Pop
Cascadia Said the Whale (JW) Alternative
Antoine Lachance Antoine Lachance Alternative
Leave with Me Memphis Alternative
50/50 Jim Brenan 11 Jazz
Montreal Elizabeth Shepherd (JN) Jazz
Restles Radiant Baby  Alternative
Webster & 5 For Trio  Webster & 5 For Trio  Rap
Success Mountain (EP) Le Trouble Rock
All In (EP) Chris Buck Band Country
Maddison Krebs (EP) Maddison Krebs Country
When Lightning Strikes (EP) Grace Lachance Pop
The Light I Can’t Block Out (EP) Post Script  S-S/Folk