CMB medAs its name suggests, the Canadian Music Blog is an online magazine dedicated to providing information about popular music performed by Canadian recording artists, that is recording artists who are Canadian citizens regardless of where they are based. It is both a Canadian Music-Blog and a Canadian-Music Blog. With over a million views, the site contains information on the music and superstars of both yesteryear and today and has lists of all Top 40 Canadian hits from 1964 to the present. The CMB keeps its readers updated with the latest charts, gold/platinum record certifications, and new releases.

Unlike other sites which call themselves Canadian music blogs but feature international artists or exclude Franco Canadian music, the CMB features music from Canadian artists only and does not distinguish between music performed in either English or French (or any other language). Because all have different tastes in music, reviews without ratings are provided which contain objective information about the artists and which focus only on the positive aspects of their works. This blog is continuously evolving, and we will update this About section from time to time to reflect changes in content or style.

For those seeking information on international artists, Canadian Music Blog editors launched the International Music Blog. Bear in mind, that by international is meant just that – popular recording artists from all countries who record music in any language. This blog can be found here.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, CMB recently opened an Instagram account which celebrates, most especially, physical copies of music albums.


The Canadian Music Blog tries to honour the following principles:

• Besides its major stars, priority is given to profiling artists of minority groups populous in Canada, most notably Asian, French, and Aboriginal Canadians. More…

• Segregation of music based on the language in which it is performed is unacceptable, especially in a country that prides itself on bilingualism and multiculturalism. More…

• Women belong in rock music just as much as the men and their credibility stems from their own talent rather than from the men who discover and assist them.

We reject the notion that one’s age, gender, and race should determine what artists and style of music s/he should listen to, a current trend that undermines Canadian culture’s commitment to freedom.

• We do not agree with the aging killjoys who spend countless hours of the day plastering comments on websites about how old music is so much better than new music, convinced that by doing so they are doing us all a favour. We adore both the old and the new and honour them equally.

• Canadian artists who achieve international success in any country are recognized, not just the United States.

• We recognize that Cancon / MAPL regulations help but fall short of correcting the grave injustice that all U.S. hit singles by American artists get released and added to radio playlists in Canada, while only a few Canadian hits get released and added to radio playlists in the United States.

• While evaluating the direction of the Canadian music industry as a whole is worthwhile, critiquing and rating the works of individual recording artists has no value whatsoever. Proselytism of personal opinion is unbecoming of those who claim to espouse democracy.

We draw attention to some of our favourite songs and albums not in a spirit of authority but in contributing to the ongoing discussion about great music which makes life enjoyable. We support all Canadian artists whether we personally like their style or not, because they are our own.

• We will try to keep the blog as clean as possible and will not embed any music videos that include explicit violence, foul language, endorse drunkenness / drug use, embrace lechery, misogyny, etc. However, external links may lead to websites, song samples, or videos with profanity.

• Being proud of who you are as a Canadian artist does not mean singing with and speaking in an American accent. We are always hesitant to embed videos in which Canadian artists stoop so low. More…

• In keeping with the principles of democracy, we focus mainly on popular artists.

Music We Feature

1. Every week on or shortly after release day, the CMB gives an overview of new Canadian releases provided the album is available at major retailers (HMV, iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Following this, we feature more in-depth posts on a selection of these albums we find particularly good and/or are from a successful recording artist (as measured by hits on the charts, gold/platinum album sales, Juno Awards, etc.)

2. We like music with good, original melodies, pleasant vocals, and clean lyrics. The focus is on pop/rock but from time to time music of other genres (country, rap, R&B, folk, heavy metal, jazz, etc.) We prefer original music to covers.

3. We give higher priority to artists of Asian descent, French Canadians, Aboriginal artists, females, and teen stars.

4. We find it easier to feature a track if it has a music video. However, as noted above, we have standards for MVs.


The Canadian Music Blog is authored by:

Shawn PT: The creative genius behind the Canadian Music Blog was keyboardist for an obscure performance duo some time ago. He has composed music, written a novel and two books of poetry. Shawn was born in Ottawa, has worked in South America and Asia, and is now living in Metro Vancouver. Shawn has worked for the Federal Government (Statistics Canada), as well as in engineering, education, and health care. In a piece of trivia, Shawn is related through marriage in extended family to Miss Canada 2003, Lynsey Bennett.

With contributions by:

Kaylan Mackinnon: a recording artist from Toronto.

Duncan PH: a keyboardist from southern Alberta who has lived and worked in Quebec.

Tom GH: a guitarist and rock expert from central Alberta.

Victor JD: an EDM specialist from Alberta.


All articles in the blog are owned by the author and are subject to international copyright laws. Copying in whole or in part is strictly prohibited except with the express permission of the author. Violation will result in our contacting your webmaster.


We do not endorse any ads that may inadvertently appear at the bottom of blog posts. These are tacked on by WordPress and have nothing to do with us.


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