The Juno Awards are Canada’s principal music awards gala. Prior to the formal awards ceremonies, Canada’s RPM magazine began polling its readers to determine which artists were considered the best in Canada, publishing the results in December issues. Later on it was decided to present awards at a physical venue. This ceremony, which debuted in 1970, was initially called the Gold Leaf Awards but later renamed itself after the first head of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Commission), Pierre Juneau. Juneau was instrumental in establishing groundbreaking Canadian content regulations to compel broadcasters to promote Canadian artists. The name was shortened to Juno.

In 1974, representatives of the music industry formed an advisory committee for the Juno Awards which became the Canadian Music Awards Association. Currently, this committee is called CARAS or The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The Junos were first televised throughout the nation in 1975.  Because of the international popularity of Canadian music, the Juno Awards are now broadcast internationally; this started in 2006.

In 1978, a nonprofit organization was formed to assist the music industry in Québec, called ADISQ. In light of the Juno Awards’ lack of attention towards Francophone music, ADISQ established a separate awards gala for Québec which was named in honour of singer-songwriter Félix Leclerc. The first Félix Awards gala was held in 1979.

For your convenience, we have provided an annual list below of JUNO Album of the Year winners as well as both the JUNO and Felix Single of the Year (click on an image to enlarge it). For a list of all awards, refer to the following links:

JUNO Awards Database     ADISQ Felix Awards Database

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