2018 ADISQ Main Gala: Hubert Lenoir Cleans Up

Celebrating 40 years of handing out Félix trophies (named after galaxy class folk maestro Félix Leclerc), the main gala of the Quebec music industry awards (ADISQ) took place tonight opened by funny host Louis-José Houde. The evening began with some archival footage and a montage of 39 song of the year winners since the ADISQ gala’s inception in 1979. Not uncommonly, it was a clean sweep for the gents this year, as a female won the only award she was guaranteed – Female Artist of the Year. Klô Pelgag took it, dressed up like a man complete with a fake moustache. Newcomer Hubert Lenoir, in drag, scored a hat trick winning New Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year (Darlène), and Song of the Year (“Fille de personne II”). Given his choice of apparel, Louis-José described him as a mix of Iggy Pop, Francis Reddy, and Joe Bocan. Lenoir also won an award at the Premier Gala, for Album of the Year – Critical Acclaim. The album was put together in only six days in Quebec City. Philippe Brach won the most Félix awards overall this year – two tonight and three at the Premier gala for a total of five.

Hubert and the other four nominees for New Artist of the Year were part of the first performance segment. Loud, one of the five took the statuette for Rap Album of the Year.

After winning adult contemporary album of the year, Pierre Lapointe performed immediately before indie rock group Galaxie. Folk stars 2Frères performed together with Andréanne A. Malette. The former took home the award for Group or Duo of the Year. A standout performance from the evening was Isabelle Boulay’s heartfelt presentation; she then joined Tire le coyote and his distinctive twang.

A number of contemporary artists provided their interpretations of songs from Harmonium accompanied by the OSM. Video tributes and accolades from a number of major players honouring the legendary band were shown as well.

Find a list of nominees and winners for tonight’s categories below.

Album of the Year – Adult Contemporary

La route (2Frères)
En vérité (Isabelle Boulay)
Nos histoires (Maxime Landry)
La science du cœur (Pierre Lapointe) WINNER
Marée haute (Émile Proulx-Cloutier)

Album of the Year – Rap

La joie (Eman X Vlopper)
Zay (Fouki)
Une année record (Loud) WINNER
Mille soleils (Rymz)
Grosso-Modo (Seba et Horg)

Album of the Year – Pop

Ludovick Bourgeois (Ludovick Bourgeois)
Dysphorie (Roxane Bruneau)
Nos idéaux (Dumas)
La vie qu’il nous reste (Marc Dupré)
Darlène (Hubert Lenoir) WINNER

Author-Composer of the Year

Fanny Bloom
Philippe Brach WINNER
Pierre Lapointe
Tire le coyote

Song of the Year

Comme avant (2Frères)
J’en ai plein mon cass (Émile Bilodeau)
Faufile (Charlotte Cardin)
Une raison d’exister (Marc Dupré)
Fille de personne II (Hubert Lenoir) WINNER
Pour que tu m’aimes encore (Les sœurs Boulay)
Toutes les femmes savent danser (Loud)
Fou (Andréanne A. Malette)
La saison des pluies (Pascal Michaud)
À hauteur d’homme (Vincent Vallières)

Group or Duo of the Year

2Frères WINNER
Alfa Rococo
Les sœurs Boulay

Female Artist of the Year

Isabelle Boulay
Debbie Lynch-White
Andréanne A. Malette
Klô Pelgag WINNER
Guylaine Tanguay

Male Artist of the Year

Ludovick Bourgeois
Philippe Brach
Marc Dupré
Hubert Lenoir
Patrice Michaud WINNER

New Artist of the Year

Ludovick Bourgeois
Roxane Bruneau
Lydia Képinski
Hubert Lenoir WINNER

Concert of the Year – Author-Composer-Interpretation

Le silence des troupeaux (Philippe Brach) WINNER
Marc Dupré au Centre Bell/Là dans ma tête (Marc Dupré)
La science du cœur (Pierre Lapointe)
Un village en trois dés (Fred Pellerin)
Désherbage (Tire le coyote)

Concert of the Year – Interpretation

Pour une dernière fois (Angèle Dubeau/La Pietà)
Demain matin, Montréal m’attend (Various Artists) WINNER
En vérité (Isabelle Boulay)
Ludovick Bourgeois (Ludovick Bourgeois)
Agnus Dei & Noël ensemble – Le spectacle (Mario Pelchat et les prêtres)

2018 Premier ADISQ Gala – Winners

The 2018 Premier ADISQ Gala, awarding what is deemed to be the best music of the year emerging from the province of Quebec, took place last night with Marie-Mai and Yann Perreau serving as hosts. Find a list of selected Félix award winners below. The Main Gala happens October 28.

Alternative Album of the Year: Le silence des troupeaux, Philippe Brach

Anglophone Album of the Year: Everything Now, Arcade Fire

Album of the Year – Critical Acclaim: Darlène, Hubert Lenoir

Classical/Large Ensemble Album of the Year: Portrait: Max Richter, Angèle Dubeau/La Piertà

Classical/Small Ensemble Album of the Year: Beethoven/Strauss, Les solistes OSM

Country Album of the Year: Depuis longtemps, Yoan

Folk Album of the Year: Desherbage, Tire le Coyote

Instrumental Album of the Year: Ubiquité, Martin Lizotte

Jazz Album of the Year: Three Rivers, Jordan Officer

Best-Selling Album of the Year: Agnus Dei, Mario Pelchat & Les Prêtres

World Music Album of the Year: Makanda at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time, Pierre Kwenders

Reinterpration Album of the Year: Desjardins, Various Artists

Rock Album of the Year: Super Lynx Deluxe, Galaxie

Traditional Album of the Year: Consolez-vous, De Temps Antan

Quebec Artist with Most Distinction Outside the Province: Loud

Music Video of the Year: La Saison des Pluies, Patrice Michaud

ADISQ Announces 2018 Nominations

ADISQ has announced the 2018 nominations for the galas to present Félix awards to what is deemed the best music emerging from music community in the Canadian province of Quebec. The bulk of Canada’s musique francophone recordings have the potential to be honoured here, but it is important to note that there are a number of French language recordings made in other provinces. ADISQ also rewards English-language music made in Quebec as well as music recorded in other languages.

Besides the industry awards, there will be two galas – the premiere and the main – similar to what is done with the JUNOs. The premiere gala at which most trophies will be handed out will take place October 24 and will be hosted by Marie-Mai and Yann Perreau. Louis-José Houde will be returning to host the main televised gala on October 28. An online PDF to view all the nominations is here. We imagine the Canadian school system provides enough instruction for you to understand the French language category headings. If not, you can take a look here.