Avril Lavigne Rocking China New Year’s Eve

Canadian rock superstar Avril Lavigne has been invited to perform in Nanjing, China during their New Year’s eve gala. Chinese pop stars normally travel to various cities in China performing during the Chinese New Year. As of late, China has been inviting international stars to perform during the December 31st New Year’s eve show. Last year, Shakira performed at the Nanjing gala. Nanjing is the capial of China’s Jiangsu Province and is about a three-hour drive west of Shanghai, China’s largest city. Although India is threatening to catch up, China is still the most populated country in the world. Avril Lavigne’s “What the Hell” was the 11th biggest song of the year in China, while “Smile” was 25th.

The Biebs Among Performers at Times Square Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

Canadians have always been an essential component of the biggest New Year’s eve party on the planet. The world’s most famous televised New Year’s Eve celebration from Times Square in New York began with Canada’s Guy Lombardo who continued performing “Auld Lang Syne” annually until his passing in 1977. Beginning in 1972, Dick Clark hosted his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve featuring live performances by the biggest names in popular music. In 2005, he was joined by American disc jockey Ryan Seacrest.

Last year, Canada’s Avril Lavigne performed her brand new single “What the Hell”. Drake also performed.

This year, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest will air on Saturday December 31, 2011 into Sunday January 1, 2012, and feature, among others, a performance by Canadian Justin Bieber.

Other news regarding J.B.:

Bieber has been cast by Hollywood actor / producer Mark Wahlberg in a feature film about basketball, the sport that was invented by Canadian James Naismith. Wahlberg says he hopes to begin shooting the movie in 2012.

Justin Bieber gave British Columbia singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen a big endorsement by recently tweeting “Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson is possibly the catchiest song I’ve ever heard lol”. The song is currently at #22 on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100.

What’s Coming Out in January 2012?

Good question.

Leonard Cohen is a name with which most Canadians are familiar, especially as a poet and songwriter. He’s been around a long time. Cohen is releasing his 12th studio ablum, the first in 8 years. It’s called Old Ideas.

Fred Eaglesmith has been making records since 1980. He’s considered an “alternative” country artist. I’m not sure what’s meant by that. Fred’s releasing his 19th album in January, called 6 Volts. Check out his website HERE.

5-time JUNO nominee from Ottawa, Kathleen Edwards, is releasing her fourth album, Voyageur. Her website is HERE.

Veteran country artist Renee Martel is releasing a new album called Une femme libre. She has been releasing albums since the late 60s. Daniel Lavoie, Peter Flynn, Richard Séguin, Nelson Minville, Daraîche Paul, and Lynda Lemay have assisted in some of the songwriting.

We’ll keep you posted with the announcement of new releases as they come to our attention.


Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings!

We want to wish all Canadian recording artists a joyous season as we welcome the new year soon. And a very big thank you for all the hard work: creating, composing, arranging, recording, engineering, producing, promoting, singing, playing, and travelling. You’re all doing fabulously and we look forward to doing what we can to promote your creations and releases next year.

To all our readers: season’s greetings and thank you for supporting our superb Canadian recording artists. We will continue keeping you informed as to the new music that comes out in the new year.

Santa’s Canadian Reindeer Promise to Deliver in 2012

The December 31, 2011 Canadian singles chart indicates that 2012 is going to begin well. Songs that appeared late in the year, though not making it into the Top 100 of the year 2011, have a good chance of making it to the Top 100 of 2012. Delivering the goods are Santa’s Canadian reindeer, eh.

Rudolph: Leading the Canadian team is Abbotsford, B.C.’s Victoria Duffield. Her “Shut Up and Dance” is holding steady at #12. Is this its peak or will it climb further in 2012?

Dasher: The dashingly handsome Biebs is still hangin’ tough at #14. “Mistletoe” peaked at #9 earlier. Will it surpass its previous peak as we approach Christmas Day?

Dancers:“Hit Me Up” by Shawn Desman’s little brother Danny Fernandes, featuring Palestinian-Canadian rapper (and belly dancer?) Belly, and Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench has stalled at #22. The question is, has it stalled simply due to the cold weather? And speakin’ of The Trench, wait a tick, what’s this? A new single in the Top 40? Yes, it’s Marianas Trench’s “Fallout” at #38 this week. Let’s see if it goes nuclear in 2012.

Prancer: Nickelback’s “When We Stand Together” really is prancingly standing together because it’s still on the charts (#23). It peaked at #10.

Vixen: And how about that Carly Rae Jepsen? Her song “Call Me Maybe” is just smokin’ hot. It’s now up to #24. Can she break into the Top 20? I’m going to call it … maybe.

Comet: Drake’s “Headlines” never did healine the charts but #18 wasn’t bad at all. It’s at #26 this week. Drake’s “Take Care” that features Rye Hanna (I lilke pronouncing it that way) is #33 (#17 peak).

Cupid: Hedley’s platinum single “Invincible”, a #9 hit, is at #28 now.

Donner: And, hello, what’s this? A new single from New Brunswick’s Mia Martina? I’m seeing something burning up the charts. At #29 is “Burning”.

Blitzen: Anjulie’s platinum “Brand New Chick” is no longer brand new but it’s holding on at #36 (#16 peak).

“Space on the Couch for Two”, Sarah McLachlan

Sarah has recorded a beautiful new holidays song with children from The Sarah McLachlan School of Music in Vancouver. She is allowing you to download the song and contribute what you can to support the continued musical education for at-risk youth. The song has already had 40,000 downloads in only 4 days. Check it out with a music video HERE. You can read a little more about the making of the song at Canadian entertainment journalist Karen Bliss’ Samaritan online magazine HERE.

The Plan, Hedley, and Jann: February is Concert Month in 2012

So far, three big names will be rockin’ across the country early next year, all launching their tours in February, which will have that rare 29-day span.

The trio of superstars are…

The funniest woman in Canada, Jann Arden. I love a woman who can make me laugh, but sorry Jann, I’m already taken, eh. We’re not sure yet who will be opening for her. She’s on tour to promote her GOLD album Undercover Me 2. She begins her tour in Victoria on February 19th and finishes off in Montreal on March 14th. Full list of dates is HERE.

Simple Plan. Not sure how jet lagged they’ll be from their touring, but we do know that Marianas Trench will be opening for them along with All Time Low and These Kids Wear Crowns. The Plan released their GOLD album Get Your Heart On! earlier this year. We are wondering whether Marie Mai and Natasha Bedingfield will make a special appearance. Simple Plan is keeping their tour simple—just hitting the big cities, but that’s because they’re tourin’ the globe. For the Canadian leg, they begin in Vancouver on February 11th and finish in Halifax on February 26th. Full list of dates is HERE.

Hedley. They will be headlining while Anjulie, Classified, and Kay will be backin’ ’em. Storms has just been certified GOLD. Hedley’s tour path is a bit more stormy, not just a straight sweep from west to east. They begin in Kelowna on February 10th, proceed east, hitting various cities on the way to St. John’s, and then do a 180, heading west, visiting various cities on the way to Vancouver where they will finish on March 24th. List of Hedley dates is HERE.

Jepsen Enters the Top 30 and a Song for Lilee-Jean Putt the Top 20

This week on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 singles chart sees three Canuck gainers. Victoria Duffield’s “Shut Up and Dance” continues to climb, up a notch to #12. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” has entered the Top 30, at #28. And Chilliwack, B.C. band Pardon My Striptease is at #20 with “Pray (For LJ)”. Huh? Who? Let me explain…

One-year-old Lilee-Jean Putt is currently in the hospital battling brain cancer. Her father, Andrew Putt, is the lead singer of Chilliwack rock band Pardon My Striptease. Earlier, Andrew challenged Nickelback to match donations to the Children’s Hospital if their song “Pray (For LJ)” surpassed Nickelback’s “When We Stand Together” on the iTunes chart. Last week, Nickelback announced it would honour the challenge and will be donating $50,000 to the hospital.

Nickelback has, in turn, challenged Vancouver’s two major newspapers The Vancouver Sun and The Province to match its donations. You can read more on this HERE.

Danny, Duffster, and the Jepsenator

There’s nothing new of note in the Canadian albums chart this week, just a shuffling of positions. On the singles chart, Nickelback’s “When We Stand Together” has jumped up to #10, the previous peak position being #12. Victoria Duffield’s “Shut Up and Dance” has surged up to #13.

Danny Fernandes, an Ontario artist of Portuguese descent, has again teamed up with Palestinian-Canadian rapper Belly as well as Marianas Trench’s Josh Ramsay and come out with the dance tune “Hit Me Up”; it’s #23 on the chart. Carly Rae Jepsen has just released a music video for her song “Call Me Maybe”. Its debut on Much Music this week has helped it climb up to #32 on the singles chart. Check out the video HERE.

In an interesting side note, Statistics Canada has just released data regarding charitable donations. In the entire country, the most generous people are those from Abbotsford-Mission B.C. with an average median donation of $620, much higher than the national average of $260. Of the recording artists mentioned above, one is from Mission and one is from Abbotsford. Do you know who?

A Quiet December

After a whirlwind of releases this Autumn, things appear to be quieting down in December. Most Canadian recording artists celebrate Chirstmas and want to be with family during the holidays, not travelling around to promote new albums. Here are a few things that are happening, however.

This is of course Grey Cup weekend, one of the biggest events of the year in Canada. The BC Lions are playing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Incidentally, a big band leader in Vancouver rewrote the lyrics of “I Love the Sunshine of Your Smile” to “Roar You Lions Roar” to cheer on the Lions. His name is Dal Richards, the king of swing. An album of his material is coming out on November 29th titled Musically Yours. For those of you who fancy a cruise to Alaska, Dal’s band will be performing aboard Holland America’s Zuiderdam July 7th – 14th 2012. More info is on Dal’s website HERE. Dal is at the ripe old age of 93 and he’s still going strong. God bless him.

Next, we want to talk a little about Kevin Hearn who is probably best known as the keyboardist for The Barenaked Ladies. He has also played with the Rheostatis, Lou Reed, and his own group Thin Buckle. Kev was born in Grimsby, Ontario, growing up in the Toronto area. And we’re very excited because he is releasing a solo album on December 20th, called Cloud Maintenance. For those of you who are a bit tired of guitar-saturated rock and are pining for some cool keys, you can look forward to Kevin’s work. He has a background in classical piano. His website is HERE. He definitely gets our vote for the coolest album cover of the year!

Something “Unexpected” from Theo Tams

Canadian Idol winner Theo Tams released a 5-track independent EP back in 2005 called “Unexpected”. This was before he entered and won the national contest in 2008. We are pleased to announce that this EP has just recently been made available for download on iTunes HERE.

Tams studied music at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta and, since winning the final season of the popular show, has relocated to Toronto. He released a full-length album in 2009 called Give It All Away which included his big hit “Sing“, a song that made our list of 50 favourite Canadian songs of all-time.

In related news, Carly Rae Jepsen‘s exquisite song “Call Me Maybe” has broken into the iTunes Top 40 chart. She was a finalist in the Canadian Idol season just prior to Theo Tams’.

LIGHTS Adds Eastern Canadian Dates to Her Tour

Eastern Canada may not have a team in the NHL but they can at least rejoice in the fact that synth-tickler LIGHTS will be performing in their cities Quebec City, Fredericton, Halifax, and Moncton in January. A full list of dates is at her website HERE.

LIGHTS is performing in Los Angeles tonight. The Canadian Music Blog wishes her safety as her fellow Canadian singer Avril Lavigne was attacked by thugs there a couple nights ago. She need only to take precautions, grab a couple extra bodyguards and she’ll be fine.

Any further attacks on Canadian singers in the city of lost angels may result in The Great White North having to shut down their fresh water supply. We may also consider contacting Sidney Crosby to fire some slap shots at such thugs, aimed at key bodily locations. Then they can grovel up to Dr. Conrad Murray in prison to “treat” their wounds.

Best Wishes to Canada’s Princess

The Canadian Music Blog has learned that Avril Lavigne was attacked by five thugs last night. “I don’t fight. I don’t believe in it,” she said. Apparently Avril has a black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, cuts, and bruises. “Violence is NEVER the answer,” she tweeted. The Canadian Music Blog sends its condolences and best wishes to her. She is Canada’s only princess. We know she’s a fan of Hello Kitty, so here’s a virtual Hello Kitty cake for the Lavignster, with love and regards:

AccuRadio and its Canadian Music Stations

Predicament: you’re a lover of Canadian music and don’t care much for the other stuff. This can be especially true for the many Canadians who live abroad and, besides the usual condition of MSDS (maple syrup deprivation syndrome), are pining for some good Canadian tunes to make them feel at home. Some may be fed up with the “buy American” campaign going on south of the 49th and want to buy Canadian music only which would include listening to music only from Canadian artists on the radio. Or perhaps it is just a matter of their wanting to support Canadian artists in the same way that a city’s citizens support their own hockey team.

Whatever the reason, how can you tune into a radio station that plays only Canadian music?

Internet site AccuRadio has such stations. It has some neat features too. You can customize the channel by clicking on artists you don’t particularly care for to exclude them from playing on your personalized live stream. You can also “skip” a song that you don’t like which will take you to the next song on the playlist. The nice thing about internet radio is that you can always see who is performing the song. If your computer is stuck away in some remote room, and you have an iphone or ipod touch, you can get a speaker dock and listen to internet radio wherever you move the dock. The iphone/ipod apps also display current artist/song info.

Many of these Canadian stations play both French and English songs; they don’t discriminate, which is very good.

U.S. Violent Crime Capital Is Attempting to Bar Nickelback

We’re going to have some fun with this…

Detroit, U.S. is guilty of sending acid rain to Ontario and polluting the living daylights out of Windsor. The American city has the highest violent crime rate in the country. Despite being the center of the continent as far as automobile manufacture is concerned, they dis on their own glory by having the highest rate of motor vehicle theft in the United States. Furthermore, guess which American city is at the top of the list when it comes to rates of aggravated assault? Yes, Detroit. They really do become aggravated easily, so aggravated in fact that the city’s citizens are scapegoating a Canadian rock band for all of their woes. When it was announced that Nickelback would be performing at the half-time show of a football game, they launched an angry petition against it.

Yes, a boring NFL game that has four downs instead of three, a game that is being played on a Thanksgiving that is in November instead of October. The city’s team which bears the same name as the CFL’s BC is one of only four to never qualify for something called The Super Bowl. We can sympathize with their frustration. But trying to stick it to the tuft of plumage on Chadley Kroegster’s chin is a bit misplaced. With a metro population of about 4.3 million, the city’s petition has managed to gain only 6,500 signatures to attempt barring a rock band that has sold 50 million albums worldwide.

It was the Detroit Lions football club themselves who chose Nickelback as the recording artist they wanted to perform at their halftime show. Many petitioners are saying that Detroit has produced so many better acts. And guess whom they are citing? Eminem – a rapper – and Bob Seger. Riiiiiigggghhhhtt.

Sure, Nickelback’s style is not for everyone. But you can only laugh at how touchy the crime-infested city is. If they would concentrate their energies into making better quality cars like the Japanese and Germans, rather than having temper-tantrums over Canadian rock bands, they’d be putting their time to better use.

Update: Whatever happens in Detroit, Nickelback will be performing at the 99th Grey Cup at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver. More on this HERE.