Tim Toishi “Girl of My Dreams” MV

Toronto’s Tim Toishi has released a new music video, the visual manifestation of track “Girl of My Dreams” from his fabulous debut EP, Make You Mine. Tim is a singer-songwriter, trilingual (English, Japanese, and Cantonese), and classically trained in piano since age 6. Seeking inspiration, opportunities, and growth as an artist, Tim relocated to the other T.O. (i.e. Tokyo) in November 2014. We’re keeping our eyes on the emergence of this talented Canadian artist.  iTunes

Alfa Rococo Releases Music Video for “Deux”

Top Canadian electropop duo Alfa Rococo has released a new music video for “Deux” off 2014 album Nos coeurs ensemble. Yes, albums have a longer life of relevancy in regions that support their own artists. The album was named one of the 50 best of the year by iTunes staff, and CMB placed it at 15th best of the year out of 659. The MV, released in time for the duo’s spring tour, caps things off for the album run, as Alfa Rococo now gets ready to work on its upcoming fourth album with plans to release it this year of 2017. In the meantime, here is the MV for “Deux”. Enjoy.

Scott Helman Gets Post-Apocalyptic in “Machine” MV

scott-helmanToronto whiz Scott Helman scored a gold single this year while just 19 years old. “Bungalow” peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100. He follows with a new music video for “Machine” off his 2014 mini album Augusta. The sci-fi themed MV was shot at an abandoned power plant in Niagara Falls. Scott says, “I don’t know how they found this place, but it’s really cool… I think it’s haunted.” Speaking of the video concept, he explains, “It’s kind of a post-apocalyptic tale of a girl and an android,” and adds, “At the end of the day, it’s really about what it means to be a human being.”  iTunes

New MV: Alexz Johnson Has a Heart Like That

Alexz Johnson in New YorkCoquitlam, BC beauty Alexz Johnson has shot a music video for song “Heart Like That” off her 2014 album, Let’ Em Eat Cake. We named the LP as the second best work of the year. Consider that this DIY gal is flying independently as a singer, songwriter and record producer and able to cook up such delicious music. Thankfully, Telus has stepped in to help fund the MV production. Alexz has a style she can call her own: adult pop, jaunty vocals, progressive undercurrents, and a good beat. A piece of trivia is that Demi Lovato has said that it is because of Alexz Johnson that she decided to make a career in music. Voila, Alexz Johnson’s brand new music video for “Heart Like That”.  iTunes

“Bring Me To Life” MV by Candice Sand

candice sand1

Saskatchewan’s Candice Sand, whose voice is oh so heavenly, blends the RnB wholesomeness of Alicia Keys with the pop sensibilities of Natasha Bedingfield. She launched fabulous EP Against Concrete Walls last year under the professional hands of Kuya Productions in Toronto (Shawn Desman, JRDN), and she graces 2015 with a music video for track “Bring Me To Life” which we have embedded below. If you like her style, be sure to check out her EP on iTunes!

Secret Sun Sets on the Cold Coast

Much Music is airing new MV “Cold Coast”, the title track off Secret Sun’s debut album from last year. We ranked the album as within the top 4.5% of all 2014 Canadian LPs. The electronic duo from Montreal consists of Simon Landry and vocalist Anne-Marie Campbell. The apocalyptic music video is quite spooky, shot in Oregon, USA in classic black and white.  iTunes

LIGHTS Travels Through Time on the Same Sea

lights same sea

From her JUNO Award winning album Little Machines, LIGHTS powers up her new MV for track “Same Sea” returning to her love for sci-fi. She warps into the year 5057, as The Observer, dressed in a suit with connected tubules reminding us of the replicant eye engineer from Blade Runner. In the year 2040, she hits the karaoke bar with her female pals. In the year 3030, LIGHTS is a cyborg with parts unknown, and has a number of cloned models. Finally, she settles for contemporary jazz dance class in 2011. The big question is: which version of LIGHTS do you like best? Watch the new music video below.

Sumo Cyco Crafts Nifty MV For “Fighter”

Sumo Cyco - Fighter MV

Canadian metal band Sumo Cyco has released its latest music video for track “Fighter” off splendid album Lost in Cyco City, and it’s a lot of fun. In it, a giant version of member Sever (Skye Sweetnam) puts up her dukes against a creepy robot; they battle it out Godzilla style over Cyco City. The MV provides parameters for “Terrorbot” which are low on speed and stealth but high on armor and strength; its health is at 100/100. Sever starts out at 100 health as well but higher on stealth, medium on speed and strength, and low on armor. It becomes obvious from watching the video that a tremendous amount of work must have gone into putting it together which is to be appreciated. As for the vocals and music, well that’s a given: we’re talking about Sumo Cyco!  iTunes

Kiesza’s Sound of a Woman MV Brings Luck to the Calgary Flames


Kiesza brought luck to her hometown of Calgary yesterday by releasing the music video for the title track of her JUNO winning album Sound of a Woman. Last night, guaranteed playoff spots for either team hinged on the game between the Calgary Flames and Los Angeles Kings. Calgary won the game 3-1 meaning that they will be in the playoffs and the Kings will not. Kiesza, now enjoying multiplatinum status, an international #1 hit single, and three JUNO awards, proves on the new single that not only can she bust some impressive moves and cook up some good tunes, she can sing the pants off of just about everyone else. Check out the classy MV below.  iTunes

Animals Prepare for Some In-Flight Safety

In-Flight Saftey - conversationalist albumThe duo has been called “Canada’s Coldplay”. We think the music of JUNO-nominated Sackville, NB’s In-Flight Safety is at least as good and the vocals better. The CMB named Conversationalist as one of the 30 best albums of 2014, and finally we have a music video. It is for track “Animals”, directed by Drew Lightfoot. Notes indicate that the MV was filmed at an abandoned 1930s theatre in Sacvkille as well as in spooky forests near the band’s new home in Nova Scotia. “Projections of the city on to nature and projections of nature on to the city. There’s beauty in opposites.” In-Flight Safety is a wonderful outfit and we hope it continues to attract more fans.  iTunes

Sarah McLachlan Deals with Monsters

sarah-mclachlanDiamond recording artist Sarah McLachlan has released the first music video for a track from her latest album, Shine On. Having won 8 JUNO Awards, the Halifax native is up for two more this year: Artist of the Year and Adult Contemporary Album of the Year. Shine On is Sarah’s eighth studio album and has been certified a gold disc. Her first LP, Touch, appeared back in 1988. She has, since then, scored a baker’s dozen Top 40 hits. The new MV is for “Monsters” and features some attractive animation. Check it out below.  iTunes

Azélie’s “Falling For You”, New MV

Azelie Falling For You MV photo

From her 2014 award-winning album, Something Good, a treasure trove of beautiful music, comes Azélie’s new music video for track “Falling For You”. It perfectly captures the song’s spirit of tranquility by featuring the young singer-songwriter enjoying a yellow vinyl record, penning verse, and basking in the warm company of friends in Montreal. With lyrics by Azélie and music by Azélie and gold recording artist Dumas, the song’s charming new video echoes the splendour and professionalism of the music of this rising star.

Theo: The Idol Who Decided to Stay

Theo Tams - StayBest known as the Canadian Idol winner of Season Six (the final one), Coaldale, Alberta’s Theo Tams has decided not to open a restaurant or attend a business school but to continue to make music. We’re glad for that. Burton Cummings has commented that longevity depends on one’s ability to write his or her own songs. Great singers are everywhere now because of television, and poor Max Martin cannot pen tunes for everyone. Theo has teamed up with Slaight Music and dropped his surname. He released a new EP last year called Back Pocket and released track “Stay” as a single which shows just how talented a songwriter he has become. Combine that with his amazing vocal prowess, and we have a winner. In terms of style, the song echoes the power ballad brilliance of his previous hit, “Sing“. We have embedded the lyric video below. There is also a live video of an acoustic performance (voice and piano only), a version also included on the EP.

Bobby Wills’ “Undressed”

bobby-wills-crazy-enoughFrom Crazy Enough, our 5th favourite album of 2014, across all genres, is “Undressed”, the latest single by Calgarian country music superstar Bobby Wills. The song features Patricia Conroy. The music video has a surprise in store for a driver’s blindfolded sweetheart. Some like a romantic getaway in a frigid ice castle and others prefer it hot and dry in the desert. If you’re going to get undressed, the latter probably works best. Bobby got into music while on a trip to Australia and has thus far scored three Canadian Hot 100 charting singles.  iTunes

We’re Talkin’ Etiquette From the Outside In

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}Two Toronto musicians have formed a new electronic duo called Etiquette. Vocalist Julie Fader has done previous work with Blue Rodeo and Great Lake Swimmers. She has also released solo work. Graham Walsh co-wrote three tracks on LIGHTS’ gold-certified Siberia album. He has also produced for Hannah Georgas. Etiquette’s debut single is “Outside In” which differs a bit in style from much of the other electronica released this year. With subdued tones, droning synthetic percussion, pitch bending bass, nocturnal keys, plucky guitar, and beautiful female vocals, we have a winner. Etiquette plans on releasing full-length album Reminiscence in late February. “Outside In” comes with a choice music video (see below).  iTunes